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Musée Camille Claudel

Last Sunday, March 26th, was the opening of Camille Claudel Museum in a small French town southeast of Paris. The museum received more than 2000 visitants the opening day, a huge success. For many people, it’s a late recognition to one of most brilliant sculptors of her time and one, between many, art history’s overlooked… Continue reading Musée Camille Claudel

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Flora by Evelyn de Morgan

Flora is the Roman goddess of the flowers, associated with spring. This painting is clearly inspired by Botticelli's work, it was made entirely in Florence, as a celebration of the city and its Renaissance artists. Evelyn de Morgan was an English painter, her works were influenced by the style of Pre-Raphaelite movement, in fact she… Continue reading Flora by Evelyn de Morgan

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On this day… was born Gerda Wegener

On March 15, 1886 was born the Danish artist Gerda Wegener. Her artwork was inspired by fashion, she worked as illustrator for some famous fashion magazines as Vogue and La vie Parisienne. She was a well-known artist in Paris but she was less known in Denmark where many people found her work controversial. She met the artist… Continue reading On this day… was born Gerda Wegener

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Frida and Feminism

Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo Calderón, was a Mexican painter and one of the most famous and remembered women artists. Her artistic work used to be about her own life and experiences. She painted more or less 200 works, most of them was self-portraits where she exposed her own suffering and the difficulties she had to… Continue reading Frida and Feminism

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Can you name 5 women artists?

It’s a simple question, but the answer can surprise you. Not very often we can find someone that remember at least 3 women artists. March starts today and with it the Women’s History Month in USA, UK and Australia, and to celebrate it, the National Museum of Women in the Arts – NMWA – is asking… Continue reading Can you name 5 women artists?