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First female sculptor of Europe

Italian Renaissance is remembered as the birth of our modern concept of western art.  Actually, the word “renaissance” means “reborn” and this is what it was. A time when the sciences and the art were born again, the way we know them today. When you walk through the squares and streets of Italian cities, as… Continue reading First female sculptor of Europe

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On this day… was born Germaine Tailleferre

Germaine Tailleferre was born on April 19, 1892. She was a French composer and the only female member of a group of composers known as Les six. She was born as Marcelle Taillefesse, but when she became a young woman she decided to change her name to “Tailleferre” to spite her father, who refused to… Continue reading On this day… was born Germaine Tailleferre

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Women’s History in one artwork piece?

And if someone would try to tell the whole history of women in the western civilization with only one artwork piece? Although it seems a very audacious project, this is exactly what the American artist Judy Chicago did. The Dinner Party is an installation artwork considered as the first epic feminist artwork and, at the same… Continue reading Women’s History in one artwork piece?

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The Impressionists (BBC) and the absence of women artists

The Impressionists is a three hours’ factual drama which reconstructs the origins of Impressionism, it is divided in three episodes and it’s based on letters, records and interviews. The series focus on the figure of Monet (considered as the father of Impressionism), who is the narrator of the Impressionism’s story. In the series, they recreated… Continue reading The Impressionists (BBC) and the absence of women artists