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Polka dots

The Japanese artist and writer, Yayoi Kusama, she is well-known for the polka dots motifs of her works. She has worked in a wide variety of media that includes painting, collage, soft sculpture, performance art, environmental installations in most of them she exhibits her interest in psychedelic colours, repetition and pattern. She’s a precursor of… Continue reading Polka dots

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Summer – Remedios Varo

Welcome Summer! Remedios Varo was a Spanish surrealist painter. She is known as one of the world famous para-surrealist artists of 20th century. Her paintings were inspired by Renaissance art and Philosophy. Renaissance Influence: The harmony, total nuances, unity and the narrative structure. It’s well known that she was a regular visitant at Prado Museum… Continue reading Summer – Remedios Varo

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On this day… died two great artists and women

On this day died two great painters, but in different years. In 1656 died Baroque painter Artemisia Gentileschi and many years later, in 1926 died the Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt. Artemisia Gentileschi She was a Baroque painter, considered as one of the most accomplished painters in the generation following Caravaggio. By that time, women were… Continue reading On this day… died two great artists and women

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On this day… was born Tonita Peña

On May 10, 1893 was born Quah Ah (which means “white coral beads”), a Native American painter better known as Tonita Peña. When she was only 12, her mother and sister died, her father unable to raise her, took her to live with an aunt at Cochiti Pueblo, where she remained the rest of her… Continue reading On this day… was born Tonita Peña

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3 women artists you should follow on Instagram

One thing really amazing about living in 21th century is that we can find very easily everything that we like or that inspires us. If you are an art lover, as much as myself, you have noted that Instagram is an incredible tool that helps to find new great artists. I myself follow several very talented artists on… Continue reading 3 women artists you should follow on Instagram